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Kutcher & Margaret Alexander Family

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, the grandson of Sanford Alexander, and the son of Louis Alexander and Mary Ann Lampley Alexander; was born on November 15, 1908 and died on January 31, 1993 at age 84. Kutcher Threefoot married Margaret Roberts. Margaret was born on September 30, 1911 and died on January 20, 1998. They lived in the Little Rock Community in DeKalb, Mississippi where they owned and operated a dry goods and grocery store. Kutcher Threefoot and Margaret had twelve children: Laymon Alexander, Willie Lee Alexander (deceased: 02/1931), Clementine Alexander Davis (deceased: 06/08/2011), Curlee Alexander (deceased: 02/12/2014), Bruno Richard Alexander, Callie Mae Alexander Robinson, Ozie Lee Alexander McKeever, Arthur Gerald Alexander (deceased: 02/15/1942), Kutcher Alexander, Jr., Marva Ray Alexander Ruth, Helen Ruth Alexander Hilliard, and Robert Earl Alexander.

Kutcher Threefoot and Margaret raised their children on the original homesite of Sanford Alexander, Sr. which was passed to his son, Louis Alexander and then passed down to his son, Kutcher Threefoot. Marva Alexander Ruth resides in the family home. Callie Alexander Robinson and her daughters, Jackie and Denise, had a Pavilion built, and a pier attached to the pond overlooking the homesite. The pond was enlarged and stocked with catfish and white perch for family recreational fishing. This Pavilion and pier are used for family celebrations and community festivals.

Kutcher Threefoot, as an affluent farmer, taught his children various skills in farming and harvesting acres of crops. He grew cotton, corn, peanuts, sweet potatoes, watermelon, vegetables and raised cattle, goats, hogs and chickens. The family enjoyed various fruits: apples, plums, peaches, and pears from their family orchard. There were various pecan trees about and around the family homesite. Kutcher Threefoot believed in providing the best for his children. After each harvest, Kutcher Threefoot migrated to Detroit, to work in the auto industry, while Margaret and the children ran the farm and the dry goods and grocery store.

Kutcher Threefoot regretted not having a high school education. At the age of 68, he studied and successfully received his GED from Mississippi State University. He instilled in his children and grandchildren that education was the key to a successful life.

As Kutcher Threefoot’s health declined, his legacy continued. His sons continued the paradigms of his legacy. They farmed the land for many years growing corn, hay, and raising cattle. The farmland now is mostly pasture and ponds for water supply for cattle. This farmland is now a cattle farm managed by Laymon Glenn Alexander, son of Laymon Alexander; supervised by Kutcher Alexander, Jr., the son of Kutcher Threefoot. Others (grandsons) assisting with the farm are Curlee Alexander, Jr. and Keith Alexander.

Kutcher Threefoot was a civic and community leader. He learned the importance of the “Almighty God,” and raised his children with a religious background in the United Springs Missionary Baptist Church, where he served as a church trustee. Kutcher Threefoot was a member of NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) and was active in the civil rights movement in Philadelphia, MS during the sixties. He worked in the first HEAD START program in the Little Rock Community, which provided services for children from birth to five.

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander and Margaret Roberts Alexander are buried in the Unity Springs Missionary Baptist Church Cemetery, located in the Little Rock Community, DeKalb, Mississippi.

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander & Margaret Roberts Alexander

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander Family Tree

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander Margaret Roberts (born: 09/30/1911- deceased: 01/20/1998) had twelve children.

  1. Laymon Alexander (born: (02/06/1929) married Mary Lou White (born:(01/30/1932- deceased: 01/25/2016) and had three children.
    1. Lisa Michelle Alexander (born: 09/11/1960) married Mark Randolph (born:09/26/1963) have two children.
      1. Justin Alexander Randolph (born: 04/01/1991)
      2. Brian Randolph (born: 10/20/1992) Brian played Professional football for the Los Angeles Rams.

    2. Laymon Glenn Alexander (born: 04/05/1962) married Sharon Ward (born: 04/03/1962) and have a daughter.
      1. Erica Alexander (born: 11/04/1994)

      Laymon Glenn Alexander later married Dawn Blackwell (born: 10/06/1965)

    3. Keith Fitzgerald Alexander (born: 10/11/1967) married Yvette Edmonson (born: 02/24/1965) and have three children.
      1. Ashton Alexander (born: 05/09/1991) has a daughter.
        1. Audrey Grace Alexander (born: 02/05/2015)
      2. Regina Michelle Alexander (born: 11/20/1997)
      3. Mary Christine Alexander (born: 08/31/2002)

  2. Willie Lee Alexander (born: 08/30/1930 – deceased: 02/1931).

  3. Clementine Alexander Wooten (born: 12/03/1931 – deceased: 06/05/2011) married William Henry Wooten (deceased) and had a son
    1. Curtis Milton Wooten (born: 02/18/53 – deceased: 07/21/2014) married Debra Davis. (born: 10/03/1956) had two children.
      1. Curtis Alexander Wooten (born: (01/19/1986) married Krescant Sims (born:10/14/1983).
      2. Dayna Wooten (born: 10/29/1984)
      • Curtis Milton Wooten and Debra Lusaine had two children.
        1. Tyra Renice Wooten (born: 02/04/1995)
        2. Sterling Kutcher Wooten (born: 4/29/1998)

  4. Curlee Alexander (born: 07/20/1933 – deceased: 02/10/2014) married Nancy Jackson (born: 10/16/1939) and had two children.
    1. Marva Alexander (born: 05/02/1957) married Andrew Mayfield (born: 10/16/1956) and have two children.
      1. Marla Mayfield (born: 06/05/1983) has a daughter.
        1. Myla Marae’ Anderson (born: 10/27/2002)
      2. Andrew Mayfield, Jr.(born:08/22/1986) has two children.
        1. Madison M. Mayfield (born: 11/16/2011)
        2. Adonise D. Mayfield (born: 02/08/2014)

    2. Curlee Alexander,Jr.(born: 10/11/1966) Curlee, Jr. and Mary Coleman have a daughter.
      1. Toccara Coleman (born: 06/07/1983) has three children.
        1. Kamari Coleman (born: 12/12/2003)
        2. Kaydence Arnold (born: 05/21/2010)
      • Curlee Alexander, Jr. married Arletta Sims (born: 05/17/1968). She has three sons.
        1. Joshua Grant (born: 07/19/1991)
        2. Justine Grant (born: 12/16/1995)
        3. Jeremy Grant (born: 07/03/1997)
    • Curlee Alexander (Senior) later married Patricia Davis and had a daughter.
      1. Ashlee Alexander

  5. Bruno Richard Alexander (born: 07/07/1935) married Louisa Flowers (born: 12/03/1936) and have a daughter, Shana Louisa Alexander.
    1. Shana Louisa Alexander (born: 06/05/1978) married Toice Goodson (born: 08/16/1976) and have a daughter.
      1. Alexa Johnelle Goodson (born: 03/25/2016)

  6. Callie Mae Alexander (born: 06/07/1937) married Darryl H. Herron and had two daughters.
    1. Margaret Denise Herron (born: 10/12/1961) married Kim Julius (born: 09/07/1956) and have two children and raised a niece.
      1. Monique Julius (born: 07/17/1990) (niece)
      2. Erin Julius (born: (02/10/1996)
      3. Kyle Landis Evan Julius (born: 08/23/1999)
        Plays football for The Carroll University Pioneers (WS)
    2. Jacqueline (Jackie) Herron (born: 01/09/1963) married Willie Stanford Stennis.(born: 10/31/1958 – deceased: 04/03/2015) and had a daughter.
      1. Shayla Denise Stennis (born: 06/06/1985 - deceased: 01/15/2007)
    • Callie Mae Alexander Herron later married Newton Birthard Robinson (born:05/19/1935). Newton Birthard Robinson has two children:
      1. Newton Birthard Robinson II (born: 08/21/1958) married Brenda Jeffiers (born: 05/27/1959) and have two daughters.
        1. Kristi Robinson (born: 12/03/1989)
        2. Alyssa Monique Robinson (born: 08/14/1987)
      2. Lita Michelle Robinson (born: 04/ 24/1963) married Cedric Moore and have three daughters.
        1. Litabrian Moore (born: 06/22/1988) has two children.
          1. Antonio Vaughn (born: 03/03/2005)
          2. Litabryana Vaughn (born: 10/15/2007)
        2. Cedriuna Moore (born: 08/03/1993)
        3. Newtondrea Moore (born: 08/ 10/1995)
        • Lita Michelle Robinson Moore later married Rev. Earl Jones.

  7. Ozie Lee Alexander (born: 12/19/1938) married Willie David McKeever (born: 09/25/1934) and have two children.
    1. Cynthia Alexis (born: 02/13/1962) married D’Wayne Priestly (born: 08/18/1961) and have two children.
      1. Lauren Alexis Priestly (born: 08/31/1993)
      2. D’Wayne Priestly, Jr. (born: 04/16/1995)
    2. Kevin Wesley McKeever (born: 11/19/1965)

  8. Arthur Gerald Alexander (born: 02/15/1942 - deceased:02/18/1942).

  9. Kutcher Alexander, Jr (born: 04/03/1943) married Barbara Nolen (born: 02/05/1942).

  10. Marva Ray Alexander (born: 6/16/1945) married Charles Cleveland Ruth (born: 07/29/1944 - deceased 12/25/2018) and have two children.
    1. Dionne Renee’ Ruth (born: 09/27/1970) married Reginald Vaughn Starks (born: 08/10/1968) and have three children.
      1. Madison Olivia Starks (born: 08/29/2000)
      2. Matthew Alexander Starks (born: 10/28/2002)
      3. Nicholas Christian Starks (born: 01/29/2010)
    2. Marla Alejandra Ruth (born: 09/23/750) has a son.
      1. Dillon Alexander Ruth-Dorsett (born: 11/11/2005)

  11. Helen Ruth Alexander (born: 03/17/1947) married Felton Millikin (born: 01/09/1944) and have two children.
    1. Cheryl Renee’ Millikin (born: 03/31/1968) married Robert Russell Smith, II (born: 10/07 1967) and have three children.
      1. Jade Briana Smith (born: 08/22/1995)
      2. Kennedi Renee’ Smith (born: 02/26/1998)
      3. Robert Russell Smith, III (Trey) (born: 03/06/2000)
    2. Margaret Maria Millikin (born:12/26/1976) married Bargany Conrad Jones, II (born: 06/ 10/ 1973) and have three Children.
      1. Bargany Conrad Jones, III (Tre’) (born: 03/06/2002)
      2. Ava Alexandria Jones (born: 09/04/2006)
      3. Addisyn Julianna Jones (born: 09/04/2006)
        • **Ava and Addisyn are twins**
    • Helen Ruth Alexander later married James Murray Hilliard (born: 09/26/1949)He has a daughter.
      1. Tiffany Michelle Hilliard (born: 08/14/1971) has a son.
        1. Alex DeQuan Allen (born: 01/09/2001)

  12. Robert Earl Alexander (born: 09/09/1952) married Kay Anthony (born: 08/03/1960) and have a son.
    1. Jonathan Alexander (born: 07/21/1988) and Linea Rangel have a daughter.
      1. Teagan Jade Alexander (born: 10/01/2016)

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