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Kutcher             Louis             Marshall

Louis is the son of Sanford Alexander, Sr. Kutcher and Marshall Alexander are Louis’ sons. Louis is the great-grandfather of Lucille, Hester Lee, Milton, Arthur, and Willie Alvin Alexander (Children of Hester Alexander and Augusta Alexander-Shannon). (Children of Augusta Alexander Shannon and Acy Shannon are Lieutenant, Leon and Acy).

A brief Note: Sanford had four sons: Frank, Miles, Louis, Jerry, and John. Louis’s sons are Henry, Roosevelt, Virgil (Virgil is the grandfather of Lucille, Hester Lee, Milton, Arthur, and Willie Alvin Alexander) Stennis, Marshall, Kutcher and Sanford. Their off springs play an important role in sharing Sanford’s and Augusta’s legacy with future generations.

Augusta Alexander-Shannon

Augusta’s Children and their Spouse

Descendants of Mary Eliza Alexander Pollock

The Children of Lula Pollock Peden. (Lula is the Daughter of Mary Eliza Alexander Pollock.)

The Children and Grandchildren of Lula Pollock Peden

Queen Esther Alexander Wooten & Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, Sr.
Children of Louis Alexander & Grandchildren of Sanford Alexander, Sr.

The Descendants of Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, Sr.
John Albert (Bud) Alexander

The Children of Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, Sr.

Kutcher, Jr., Bruno, Callie, Marva and Laymon live in the Little Rock Community. Ozie and Helen live in Louisiana, and Robert Earl lives in Meridian, MS. (Clementine, Mary Liz and Curlee are deceased). Mary’s children (Mae Lois Duncan, Lisa, Sandra and Michael) live in Rialto, California) and Linda lives in Meridian, Mississippi.

Marshall Pictured with his Children

The Children of Marshall Threefoot Alexander

Marshall’s Children

Three of Marshall’s children (Eli, Esther, and Myrtis (known as Mammie Dale) live in Mississippi. Alvin lives in Horn Lake, TN; William Calloway, and Lezelle live in the Chicago area. Pearlie Mae lives in Ruston, Louisiana. (Deceased children: Marshall, Jr., Christine, Easter Mae, Lorene and Levi).