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12/1/2017 8:15:12 a.m.

Descendants of Sanford Alexander

The legacy of Sanford Alexander continues through his descendants: Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren, Great-Great Grandchildren and Great-Great-Great Grandchildren. Four Families continue to celebrate his legacy biannually.

Augusta Alexander Shannon
Grandchildren & Great Grandchildren

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander

Marshall Threefoot Alexander

Grandchildren & Great-Great Grandchildren
Mary Alexander Pollock

Our family legacy becomes stronger and brighter with each child that is born. Sanford and his wives (Mandy and Charlotte) and Augusta Rush Alexander-Shannon and her husbands (Hester Alexander and Acy Shannon) created a foundation for success through the values they instilled in their children. Augusta brought unity and togetherness to this family.

Our family have a rich and vibrant history that spans generations.