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The Life of Sanford Alexander, Sr.

Sanford Alexander, Sr.

Sanford Alexander, Sr. was born a slave in South Carolina in 1823. His exact arrival in the Sandtown Community in Neshoba County near the Bogue Chitto Community is not known. He was purchased at a slave market in New Orleans, Louisiana by the Alexander Family and brought to Neshoba County, Philadelphia, Mississippi. Sanford was freed in 1865 in Neshoba County at the age of 42. He lived 64 years as a free man in Neshoba and Kemper Counties. Sanford was a successful farmer who acquired several hundred (800+) acres of land. The offspring of this former slave are productive citizens who are proud of their heritage. The grandchildren, great grandchildren, great-great grandchildren and great-great-great grandchildren are successful lawyers, doctors, cooperate managers, computer programmers, pilots, professional football players, cattle ranchers, insurance agents, underwriters, educators and entrepreneurs.

“The best inheritance a father can leave his children is a good example”


Wives: Charlotte and Mandy

Children of Sanford Alexander:

  1. Louis Alexander
  2. Mary Eliza Alexander (born: 1869; deceased; 1941, DeKalb, Mississippi)
  3. Maranda Alexander
  4. Frank Alexander
  5. Mary Louise Alexander
  6. Miles Alexander
  7. Jerry Alexander
  8. John Albert “BUD” Alexander
  9. Sarah “Daughty” Alexander
  10. Mike Alexander

Louis Alexander

General Notes
In the following generations, Marshall Threefoot Alexander, Sr. and Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, Sr. were the fathers of twelve children. Both families lived in the Unity Springs/Little Rock Communities. Both families farmed and were affluent landowners.

Children of Annie Alexander-Wilson and Henry Alexander, as well as brother Marshall Threefoot Alexander, Sr. married into the Calloway family.

Louis Alexander family produced ten sons to carry on the Alexander name, more than any other branch of the Sanford Alexander tree. Louis married Mary Lampley and had 11 children.

  1. Queen Esther Alexander married Craymon Wooten and had seven children: William (deceased), Craymon (deceased), Donielle (deceased), Shelby Jean (deceased), and Leon (deceased). There are two remaining sons. Kenneth and Richard. Kenneth, the youngest son, lives in Meridian, Mississippi. Richard lives in Columbus, MS.

  2. Roosevelt Alexander married Grace Roberts and had one child, Paralee Forrest. Paralee (deceased) lived in the Atlanta Area. She had two girls Johnnis and Petrine. Later Grace married James Jones and they had one son, James Jones, Jr. He resides in Meridian, MS.

  3. Milton Alexander lived in Detroit, Michigan with his wife Inez. Milton fathered one son, Jimmy (Johnson) Alexander. Jimmy and his wife, Bea have a son, Jimmy Johnson. They live in Detroit, MI.

  4. Geneva Alexander married Audie Davis and had ten children (John Louis, Audie, Elmer, Norman, Willie James, Ocie, Pauline, Myneal, Elise and Ethel (twins) lived in Sikeston, MO and were buried in Sikeston.

  5. Virgil Alexander married Ellie Brown and lived in the Unity Springs Community also known as the Little Rock Community. They had five children: Hester, Henderson, Louis, Ernestine, and Musella. Some of Virgil’s grandchildren live in Flint, MI, and Philadelphia, MS.

  6. Kutcher Threefoot Alexander (born: 11/15/1908 - deceased: 01/29/1993) married Margaret Roberts (born: 09/30/1911 - deceased: 01/20/1998) and had 12 children (Laymon, Willie Lee (deceased), Clementine (deceased) Curlee (deceased) Bruno Richard, Callie Mae, Ozie Lee, Arthur Gerald (deceased) Kutcher, Jr., Marva Ray, Helen Ruth and Robert Earl. Kutcher, Jr., Bruno Richard, Callie Mae, Marva Ray and Laymon live in the Little Rock Community. Curlee (deceased) lived in the Chicago Area. Ozie Lee and Helen Ruth live in Louisiana. Prior to marriage, Kutcher Threefoot Alexander fathered a daughter, Mary Liz Alexander (born: 06/17/1929 – deceased: 06/17/1979). Mary Liz had four daughters: Mae Lois Alexander Duncan, Linda Alexander, Lisa Alexander, Sandra Alexander and one son, Michael Alexander.

  7. Marshall Threefoot Alexander lived in the Unity Springs Community/Little Rock Community. Prior to marriage, Marshall Threefoot Alexander fathered a daughter, Easter Mae Henderson. He married Mary Ann Calloway and had 12 children. Three of their children (Eli, Esther, and Myrtis live in Mississippi. Alvin lives in Horn Lake, TN., William Calloway, and Lezelle live in the Chicago area. Pearlie Mae lives in Ruston, Louisiana. After Mary Ann’s death, Marshall married Lillian Turner. Deceased children are Christine Culberson, Easter Mae Henderson, Lorene Davis, and Levi Alexander.

  8. Henry Alexander married Ina Johnson, daughter of Johnnie Johnson, and Daisy Welch Johnson of Bluff Springs Community near DeKalb, MS. They lived in East St. Louis, MO and had four children: Colin, Letha, Adelaide and John Louis. Henry Alexander died in Circa in 1920 and is buried at Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery in Collinsville, MS. John Louis worked as a baggage handler for UPS railroad in Gulfport, MS before moving to Omaha, NE, where he began a long career at Armour Packing Company.

  9. Eli Alexander lived in Cleveland, OH. He had three children, Peter, Melvin, and Casper. In the 1970’s Casper and his family moved to Detroit, MI.

  10. Sanford Alexander, Jr. married Viola Clark and had four children: Fletcher,Fred Lee, Annie Mae and Curtis (all deceased). Curtis had a son, Wallace Drake; who attended the 2013 SANFORD /SHANNON FAMILY REUNION to celebrate the legacy of his father (Curtis), grandfather (Louis Alexander) and great grandfather, (Sanford Alexander, Sr). Wallace Drake lives in Vonroe, TN. Most of Sanford’s children lived in Detroit, MI. Sanford, Jr. married Lillian Jenkins and lived in Preston, MS. Sanford and Lillian had a son, David Trosclair. David lives in Preston, MS and is raising his children on the land that was owned by his father, Sanford Alexander, Jr. David is the grandson of Louis Alexander and the great grandson of Sanford Alexander, Sr.

  11. Stennis Alexander left no known heirs; and very little was known about his where about after he left home.
    Louis Alexander fathered twelve children.

  12. Isaac Brown

Mary Eliza Alexander

Mary Eliza Alexander was born 1869 and died 1941 in DeKalb, MS. Mary Eliza Alexander married Joseph Cephas Pollock of DeKalb, MS. They had 11 children

General Notes:
Cleavander and Leavander were twins. Known as Cleavie and Leavie

  1. Cleavander (Cleavie) Pollock Simmons had two children, Curtis and Lillie. Lillie lived in Philadelphia not far from her mother’s old home and cousin, Pauline.

  2. Leavander (Leavie) Pollock Rush lived in Philadelphia, MS most of her life. Leavie married Richard Rush. They had one son, Billie Rush and several stepchildren.

  3. Lula married J. W. (Buddy) Peden, a wealthy landowner and farmer. They had 16 children and five children died in infancy or in early childhood. Lula was known as the beloved mother of the “Peden” boys.

  4. Lillie Jane Peden married Audie Davis and had ten children (John Louis, Audie, Elmer, Norman, Willie James, Ocie, Pauline, Myneal, Elise and Ethel (twins) lived in Sikeston, MO and were buried in Sikeston.

  5. Ella Pollock Davis had 11 children including Irene Pollock-Rush and Curtis Davis.

  6. Allie Pollock Trussell had a daughter, Pauline Nunn of Philadelphia, MS. Allie lived in Laurel Mississippi and was a very active member of the “THE ORDER OF THE EASTERN STAR.”

  7. Quincy Pollock married Bessie Griffin and had 12 children. His children live today in the Liberty Community. Quincy was a farmer.

  8. Walter (Walt) Pollock married into the Davis Family and had four or five children. The daughters lived in the Philadelphia, MS. As a young man Walt Pollock died in an accident in a Plant.

  9. Alonzo Pollock lived in Indianapolis, IN nearly all his adult life. He had three children. His youngest daughter, Cheryl lived with Pauline Nunn for most of her growing up years.

  10. Eugene Pollock married an Alexander (no relation to the Branch) live in East St. Louis, IL. His three children (Mary, Cora and Joseph Pollock) were raised by his sister, Lula Peden.

  11. Napoleon Pollock left home at an early age. There is very little information on him.

  12. Willie (Will) Pollock left home at an early age. There is very little information on him.

Maranda Alexander

Maranda Alexander married Horace Greer and Henry Donald. Miranda and her family lived in the Little Rock community. Lancaster Greer, son of Melvin Greer and a grandson of Maranda is raising his family on the old home place. Lancaster married Eunice Davis and they have ten children: Wayne, Joyce, Synthia, Janet, Clifford, Bobby, Tina, Lancaster, Chad, and Felica.

Maranda Alexander and Horace Greer had 5 children.

  1. Ora (Tink) Greer
  2. Benn Greer
  3. Melvin Greer
  4. Louis Greer
  5. Fletcher Greer

Maranda Alexander and Henry Donald had 5 children.

  1. Leona Donald
  2. Mary Donald
  3. Alonzo "Bud" Donald
  4. Johnnie Donald
  5. Dora Donald

Frank Alexander

Frank Alexander married Ora Drake and had a daughter. They lived in the Popular Springs Community, Philadelphia, MS.

  1. Dessie Ree Alexander
    Dessie Ree Alexander married J. C. Clemons and had 13 children.
    1. Albert Lee Clemons
    2. Myrtle Lee Clemons
    3. Ora Mae Clemons
    4. Henry Clay Clemons
    5. Georgia Clemons
    6. Calloway Clemons
    7. Cora Clemons
    8. Curtis Clemons
    9. Verdis Clemons
    10. Beenie Clemons
    11. Frank Clemons
    12. Lillie Mae Clemons
    13. James Clemons

Dessie Ree had vivid memories of her childhood and was designated as the Honorary Family Historian due to her rich knowledge of the Alexander Family.


Mary Louise (Lou) Alexander married Thomas Hall and had 13 children.

  1. Willie Hall
  2. John Quincy Hall
  3. Stennis Hall
  4. Tessie "Shug" Hall
  5. Insley Hall
  6. Marvin Hall
  7. Sadie Hall
  8. Nela Hall
  9. Perlie Hall
  10. Ida Hall
  11. Lea Hall
  12. John Milton Hall
  13. Cozy Hall

Some of Mary Louise Hall’s children moved to St. Louis, MO. John Milton Hall lived in St. Louis until old age and moved home to live with his daughter, Christine shortly before passing.

Christine married Henry Waldrip and had eleven children: Truevina Walker, William D. Reed, Andrew Reed, Jeanette Harrington, Maggie Cooks, Loretta Young, Terry Waldrip, Janice Sangster, Bertha Dotson, Cynthia Waldrip, and Frederick Waldrip. All children were born in Winston County and reside in Louisville, MS. At the age of 84, Christine attended the 2013 ALEXANDER/SHANNON REUNION at the Choctaw Resort in Philidelphia, MS. Christine is the granddaughter of Mary Louise Alexander and the Great Granddaughter of Sanford Alexander.

General Notes:
The Where Abouts of Siblings of Mary Louise Alexander and Thomas Hall

Cozy Hall was very popular and worked as a porter on the railroad, a prestigious job for his era. Cozy Hall and Ehtel Palman Hall had a daughter, Delores Hall Adams. She lived in Laurel, MS. Sadie was a distinguished school teacher. Perlie Hall lived in Chicago for many years. Nela married George Pollock and had four children. Ida Hall lived in St. Louis, MO in 2005.


Miles Alexander married Callie Riley and had 12 children. (See General Notes below)

  1. Johnnie Alexander
  2. Will Alexander – (Wilks) lived in Aiken, SC.
  3. Irma Aleander
  4. Otis Aledander
  5. Earlene Alexander – Earlene’s daughter Mattie married a McAfee. Mattie’s son Fred McAfee played professional football with the New Orleans Saints.
  6. Bud Alexander lived in Walnut Grove, MS and has children living there.
  7. Omar Alexander
  8. Virgie Alexander lived in Jackson, MS and her son lived in Chicago, IL.
  9. Mary Alexander married Booker T. Washington of Philadelphia, MS. Their son, Troy (deceased) was elected and served as the first black city councilman for the City of Pascagoula, MS.
  10. Willie Wilson Alexander
  11. Francis Alexander

  12. Richard Molphus Alexander married Billie Louise Kendrick in 1946 and had 3 children:
    1. Richard Molphus Alexander, Jr. (deceased) had 2 children:
      1. Fatima Alexander (Dallas, TX)
      2. Rashaud Alexander (Nashville, TN) had a son.
        1. Jalen Alexander
    2. Dennis Alexander had 3 children.
      1. Dennis Alexander, Jr.
        1. Dennis Alexander, III (Hoover, AL)
      2. Niva Alexander (Hoover, AL)
      3. Krystal Alexander (Nashville, TN)
    3. Brenda Alexander married John Barksdale (deceased) and had 3 children:
      1. Natasha Barksdale (Merdian, MS) has a son.
        1. Jorden Barksdale ( Meridian, MS)
      2. Jamaal (Melissa) Barksdale (Fort Drum, NY) has 2 children
        1. Deja Barksdale (Fort Drum, NY)
        2. Christian Barksdale (Fort Drum, NY)
      3. William (Cisley) Barksdale (Meridian, MS) has 2 children.
        1. Tanaysia Barksdale (Meridian, MS)
        2. William Barksdale, II (Meidian, MS)

Richard Molphus Alexander, Sr. married Laura Collier in 1972. He and his wife, Laura resided in Fairburn, GA with his stepson, Will (Sonya) Johnson. Other stepchildren are: Eddie Johnson (deceased), Willard Brown, Anthony Brown and William Brown.

Richard Molphus Alexander, Sr. was a pillar of society who served his country well and was devoted to the Alexander Family. Richard received a High School Diploma from T. J. Harris High School in Meridian, MS in 1947. He participated in WWII and the Korean Conflict and retired from the US Army in 1962. Richard worked for the VA Medical Center in Jackson, MS and retired after 20 years of service.

Richard Molphus Alexander, Sr. supported and attended the ALEXANDER/SHANNON FAMILY REUNION to celebrate the legacy of his father, Miles Alexander and grandfahter, Sanford Alexander, Sr. until his health declined.

*Richard Molphus Alexander was the last surviving child of Miles and Callie Alexander Riley and the last surviving grandson of the late Sanford Alexander, Sr. Richard Molphus was 101 years old on May 17, 2018 and died on June 9, 2018.


Jerry Alexander had one son.

  1. Eugene Jenkins grew up in the Unity Springs Community in DeKalb, MS.
    Eugene never married and there are no known heirs.


John Albert “Bud” Alexander wives were: Georgia Belcher, Ada Jones, and Nealie Davis. As a young adult, Bud Alexander left Mississippi, and moved to Oscola, AR where he married and raised his children. Bud was a teacher and a minister. John Albert “Bud” Alexander died in 1948 at the age of 60. John Albert “Bud” Alexander fathered twelve children, nine sons, and three daughters.

  1. John Quincy “Mann” Alexander was the oldest son of John Albert “Bud” Alexander. “Mann” was raised in DeKalb MS until adulthood and moved to Philadelphia, MS and married Lucinda Holton, on December 7, 1921. John “Mann” and Lucinda moved to Steele, MO. They had six children:
    1. Doretha Alexander (died as a child)
    2. John Quincy Alexander, Jr. (died as a child)
    3. Mavis Alexander (died as a child)
    4. Bunzella Alexander married General Washington (deceased) and had six children:
      1. Kenneth Washington
      2. Sharon Washington
      3. Verna Washington
      4. Andrea Washington
      5. Gerald Washington
      6. Timothy Washington (deceased)
    5. General Notes:
      Bunzella and General Washington have 23 grandchildren, 36 great grandchildren and 5 great-great grandchildren.

    6. Benjamin Alexander married Mamie Lee (deceased) and had 3 children.
      1. Elizabeth Hurt
      2. Kerry Alexander (deceased)
      3. Joyce Watts
    7. Charlene (deceased) married Jordan Jefferson and had 4 children.
      1. JeDon Jefferson
      2. Byron Jefferson
      3. Larry Jefferson
      4. Michael Jefferson
    8. General Notes:
      Charlene and Jordan Jefferson have 9 grandchildren and 30 great grandchildren.

  2. Don Wilson Alexander
  3. Milton “Dick” Alexander
  4. Walter “Gig” Alexander
  5. Finle Martin Alexander
  6. Joe Louis Alexander
  7. Albert Alexander
  8. Frank Alexander
  9. Pearl Bernadine Alexander
  10. Mary Winston Alexander
  11. Sadie Alexander
  12. John Albert Alexander, Jr.


Sarah “Daughty” Alexander McClainmarried Richard McClain and had eleven children:

  1. Dudley McClain
  2. Curtis McClain
  3. Lizzie McClain
  4. Mary McClain
  5. Lavella McClain
  6. Clara McClain
  7. Iurois McClain
  8. Johnny McClain
  9. Sherman McClain
  10. Sarah McClain
  11. Lillian McClain

Sarah and Richard lived in the Center Ridge Community in DeKalb, MS. Her daughters married into families in the Center Ridge Community (Jenkins, Creer, Clemons, Johnson, Simmons, and Love families). Lillian’s daughter, Georgia Jenkins Rush was an active member of the NAACP in Philadelphia, MS. Georgia helped to bring about civil rights reform in Neshoba County and Philadelphia, MS.

Many descendants of Sarah (Daughty) Alexander McClain live in Philadelphia, MS.


Mike Alexander never married. He was a free spirit who enjoyed traveling. He lived in Peoria, Illinois.