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12/1/2017 8:15:12 a.m.

Sanford Alexander, Sr. was born into slavery in 1823 and died a free man in 1929. He married twice: Charlotte and Mandy. They had 10 children: Mary Eliza Alexander Pollock, Frank Alexander, Sarah (Daughty) Alexander McClain, Miles Alexander, Mike Alexander, Louis Alexander, Jerry Alexander, John "Bud" Alexander, Maranda Alexander-Greer-Donald, and Mary Louise "Lou" Alexander Hall.

The Life of Sanford Sr.

To celebrate the legacy of Sanford, the Sanford Alexander/Shannon Reunion was organized in 1980 by the Augusta Alexander family to network with related families throughout the world to pass Sanford’s Legacy and Augusta’s Legacy to future generations. Biannually, four families (Mary Eliza Alexander Pollock Branch, Augusta Rush Alexander/Shannon Branch, Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, Sr. Branch and Marshall Threefoot Alexander, Sr. Branch) meet in June to share the legacy and heritage of their descendants by hosting THE ALEXANDER/SHANNON FAMILY REUNION.

Kutcher Threefoot Alexander, the grandson of Sanford Alexander, Sr. instilled in his children and grandchildren the importance of connecting with other relatives and honoring the family Patriarch, Sanford Alexander, Sr. Kutcher Threefoot attended all Family Reunion Celebrations sharing the legacy of Sanford Alexander, Sr. who lived part of his life in slavery and left a solid family foundation for future generations. Kutcher Threefoot purchased a memorial headstone for Sanford Alexander’s gravesite at the Liberty Methodist Church Cemetery in Collinsville, MS. He visited the grave sites of Sanford, his grandfather, and Louis, his father regularly to ensure upkeep of their gravesites. Kutcher Threefoot Alexander also preserved a portrait of Sanford which is proudly displayed at every family reunion event.

The Life of Kutcher

This branch takes great pride in hosting the Alexander/Shannon Reunion.

Welcome to the Sanford Alexander/Shannon Family Website

The Family with a Vision

The Vision for the ALEXANDER/SHANNON FAMILY is UNITY which brings together 10 generations for the celebration of the legacy of Sanford Alexander, Sr., and Augusta Alexander Shannon.

As you browse this website, efforts have been made to inform the younger generations of the background and historical events of the Sanford Alexander/Shannon Family. This website acknowledges the blessings of God through history, illustrations and illumination. May Sanford's and Augusta’s legacy live on in the Generations to come.